SILKOLENE SUPER 4-Stroke Oil 1L (Semi Synthetic)


SILKOLENE SUPER 4-Stroke Oil 1L (Semi Synthetic)

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SILKOLENE SUPER 4-Stroke Oil 1L (Semi Synthetic)


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Silkolene Super 4 are semi synthetic 4-stroke engine oils designed for use in both On-Road and Off-Road motorcycles. They protect the engine and transmission with advanced additive chemistry from startup to full power.

Silkolene Super 4 are blended with a high performance additive system incorporating detergents, dispersants and load carrying agents to give excellent engine cleanliness and minimum component wear.

Silkolene Super 4 uses a balanced formulation to ensure correct operation of oil immersed clutches and other drive line components.

Advantages / Benefits
- Suitable for use in all 4-stroke motorcycle engines on or off road
- Anti-wear and load carrying agents protect camshafts and bearings and other internal components
- Advanced inhibitors and high quality base fluid minimise internal sludge and varnish deposits
- Balanced frictional characteristics give precise and slip-free clutch operation
- Extreme pressure and lubricity additives ensure quiet and trouble-free gearbox lubrication

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