DT 125

DT 125

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  • A 2-stroke, single-cylinder engine has the big advantage of strong, torque-y performance. The air-cooled type used on the DT models also has the advantage of reduced weight and easier servicing, because it doesn't require a liquid-cooling component. A 2-stroke also doesn't require regular oil changes.

  • The DT engines are fitted with the exclusive Yamaha Energy Induction System (YEIS). This unique intake system features a chamber between the carburetor and the reed valve that fills with air-fuel mixture when the reed valve is closed. The chamber's contents are then returned to the air-fuel flow from the carburetor when the reed valve opens. This increases intake efficiency to provide both added power in the low- to mid-speed range and better fuel economy.
  • The strong steel rear carrier has a flat top surface. It is mounted almost on the same level as the rear seat to accommodate a greater variety of loads and loading styles.
  • The spacious seat is designed to enable a relaxed riding position with more freedom that makes riding more comfortable on hilly roads and trails or on longer rides. The design features the right balance of cushioning material, shape and cover material to help reduce the fatigue of the rider and tandem passenger.

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